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Getting Error while importing catalog xml

Hi ,  i am new to ATG. I am getting the below error when i tried to import the xml.  D:\ATG\ATG9.0\home>bin\startSQLRepository -m DynamusicB2C -import ..\DynamusicB2C\config\dynamusic\DynamusicB2CData.xml -repository /atg/commerce/catalog/ProductCatalog . . .  **** info       Thu Oct 25 18:05:27 GMT+05:30 2012      1351168527562   /DPSLicense     atg.service.ServiceResources->dynamoPrintM axSessions : Only 20 concurrent sessions can be managed with this license **** info       Thu Oct 25 18:05:27 GMT+05:30 2012      1351168527578   /DPSLicense     atg.service.ServiceResources->dynamoPrintM axDynamoServers : Only 3 Dynamo server(s) can be used concurrently with this license **** info       Thu Oct 25 18:05:27 GMT+05:30 2012      1351168527593   /DPSLicense     DPS is licensed to Sprint/United Managemen t Company - Development **** info       Thu Oct 25 18:05:27 GMT+05:30 2012      1351168527593   /DPSLicense     atg.service.ServiceResources->unlimitedLic enseMsg : This product is licensed for an unlimited number of CPUs.  Nucleus running  *** unable to find GSARepository component: /atg/commerce/catalog/ProductCatalog in configpath: D:\ATG\ATG9.0\DAS\config\config.ja r;D:\ATG\ATG9.0\DAS\config\oca-ldap.jar;vfs[localconfig-1]=/atg/dynamo/service/groupconfig/ClientNodeTypeVirtualFileSystem;vfs[loc alconfig-1]=/atg/dynamo/service/groupconfig/ClientInstanceVirtualFileSystem;D:\ATG\ATG9.0\DPS\config\targeting.jar;D:\ATG\ATG9.0\D PS\config\oca-cms.jar;D:\ATG\ATG9.0\DPS\config\oca-html.jar;D:\ATG\ATG9.0\DPS\config\oca-xml.jar;D:\ATG\ATG9.0\DPS\config\userprof iling.jar;D:\ATG\ATG9.0\DPS\config\profile.jar;D:\ATG\ATG9.0\DSS\config\config.jar;..\DAS\config\dtmconfig.jar;localconfig;..\DAF\ config\dafconfig.jar  Usage: startSQLRepository <xml-file1> ... <xml-filen> [args] Starts a GSA repository and executes a set of XML commands.  The startSQLRepository command instantiates a repository and optionally parses one or more XML files you specify.  You can use it to validate your template definition files, generate default SQL for your template and import or export data from your repository.  You must specify the -repository  option.  All other options are optional. . . . .  Pls guide me to succeed the above one.  Thanks and Regards, Bala P.  Edited by: 967647 on Oct 25, 2012 6:08 AM

In place of ..\DynamusicB2C\config\dynamusic\DynamusicB2CData.xml just use \dynamusic\DynamusicB2CData.xml [path after config]. -RMishra

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