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Multi site in atg

Hi guys  what is multi site in atg give me an example

what is multi site in atg give me an example Suppose you have your commerce site and you would like your site to load as local language in different region. Like in china you may want to load it in chines, in india in Hindi, in US in English etc. In ATG you can do this and site having this feature is known as multi site. you can see below docs:  -RMishra

Adding to this, ATG supports number of multi-site features,  - You can define different sites for same country, for example, you need to have separate sites for different brands, you can use ATG multi site feature. In this most of the resources can be re-used like Catalog, Promotions etc. but theme and appearance would be different  - Support of sub sites, like if you have a particular product that you want to sell in a different way ( a small site for that product) ATG supports that in 10.x  - As Mishra said earlier different site for different countries, different language, different price, different tax, different products etc.  Cheers R

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