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Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Having problems loggging into P6 Via Citrix

Trying to log into P6 through Citrix server,keep getting this these errors. The administrator can see me already logged in, but cant seem to kick me out. Created new user name and password still get these errors, on both my laptop and desktop. It looks like it may be a Oracle permissions problem, any ideas? Below are the error messages.  1st error message. PM.exe. The exeption unknown software exception (0x0eedfade) occurred in the application at location 0x77e4bee7.  2nd error message. Application Error Exception Edatabase Error in module PMexe at 00053B65. Database Server Error: ORA-00001: unique constraint (ADMUSER.PK_UACCESS) violated ORA-06512: at "ADMUSER.POPULATE_UACCESS", line 1. ORA-06512: at line 2.

Oracle or Sql database?  to forcefully end a user session, ask your admin to manually clear the USESSION table. also check that Data Monitor (DAMON) and System Monitor (SYMON) are activated on the db and running every 1 and 5 min. respectively as they should. among other things they are responsible with clearing user session metadata.  if using SQL and SQL Agent to run the 2 processes as jobs (think it is not the case) , check that the SQL Agent is up and running. if using Data Execution Prevention in the OS (e.g. Vista, Windows 7), make sure exeptions are set as not to block the 2 processes.  hope this helps, but as I'm not famliar with the errors I may be off by a long shot.

Are other users accessing P6 via Citrix successfully?  We have had some issues when locking down either local or server-based P6 instances to non-admins.  The folder where the PM.exe file exists must be enabled for read-write-modify access to all application users, which is most certainly not a default Active Directory setting.  So check with your server and/or local computer support admin to see if there's potentially a Windows Group Policy that is not allowing you, as presumably a non-admin, required access to the executable itself.  -Mike

Thanks Mike, yes other users were accesssing okay, it was solved on Friday, apparently I had three differrent security profiles. Go figure.

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