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Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

How to Combine two schedules to function as one in one single file

I am not sure how to combine two schedules as one file.  I want to eliminate the process of selecting two schedules and pulling them up at the same time.  They need to exist as one file.  Do I do this by using the export and import function? Copy paste maybe?  Your help will be very much appriciated.  Thanks

You can export one schedule as an XER, and then import it back, and add it into, the second schedule. To elaborate further...say you have two schedules A and B. Export A to an XER file. Then open B, and import the XER file of A, into B. Under the Import Project Options of the Import Wizard, for Import Action, choose Add into Existing Project.   Hope this helps!

The Exporting and Importing function work well.  Thanks for your help.

Hi,    If you need to combine the two schedules into a single one. What you need to do is? Just open the two programs simulataneously & cut all the activities of one program to another, where your two project will become a single one.

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