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Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Primavera P6 8.1 Optional Client using Citrix - User already logged in

Hi All  We've recently moved over to Citrix in order to try and get some perfomance improvements over the LAN/WAN. For the moment the Citrix solution is only used for the P6 8.1 Optional Client and seems to be working almost 100%.  The problem we are experiencing is that the moment there's a dip in the network, or the network cable gets unplugged, Citrix time's out. When you log back into Citrix, the P6 Optional Client session is gone so you have to reopen P6 Optional client, only to discover that you can't log in anymore as 'User is already Logged In'  The problem here is also that you can't seem to 'kill' that user session from the user session menu on the web as it doesnt show. I have to first log into P6 web with that person's ceredntials, then 'kill' the user session and logout, only then the user's session has been reset.  IS THERE A WAY TO RESET OR 'KILL' A USER'S SESSION WHEN THEY'RE LOGGED INTO OPTIONAL CLIENT?  We've managed to cater for the short term Citrix timeouts by extending the Citrix session timeouts to at least an hour, so when you've disconnected and reconnect to Citrix within the following hour, your P6 Optional Client is still available to you.  Now unfortunately users also don't log out of P6 Optional Client properly, which is a known problem since there's not a proper "Logout" button available, only the hidden and far to reach 'exit' option in the menus. So what's happeining now is the users are just closing their Optional client windows, and the next morning or even later the same day (when the Citrix timeout hour has expired) the users again can't log into P6 Optional Client since their 'user is already logged in'. For some reason it seems that the actual Primavera P6 Optional Client's user session timeout is forever and a day.  HOW CAN WE SET THE P6 OPTIONAL CLIENT'S USER SESSION TIMEOUT PERIOD? OR,  HOW CAN WE POTENTIALLY ALLOW AN INDIVIDUAL USER TO BE LOGGED ON MORE THAN ONCE SAME AS ON P6 WEB?  Thanks so much in advance for your valuable input.  Werner

Kill a user session: Note This works only if you're using a SQL backend.  Not sure what the Oracle commands are.  From SQL console type the following:     select session_id from USESSION where delete_session_id is NULL and user_id = (select user_id from users where user_name = <enter user name here>);  Once you have the session ID, type the following:     Delete from UPKLIST where session_id = <enter session id number here>;     Delete from PROJSHAR where session_id = <enter session id number here>;     Delete from USESSION where session_id = <enter session id number here>;  Some (especially the top two) may reflect that 0 items were changed - that's ok.  Just keep going with the commands one by one.

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