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Deleting an Expenditure Batch which is in "released " status

Hi PA Gurus,  We have created an Indirect Project with incorrect Project Type . Expendiutre Batch is also created and released. While running "PRC:  Distribute Usage and Miscellaneous Costs' process , the Expenditure gets rejected with the reason "Invalid Auto Accounting".  Is there any way that we can delete the Expenditure Batch without Database intervention.  Please advice.  Thanks, Sundari

Sundari, Unfortunately you can not modify a Expenditure Batch with status Released. Best option in the given circumstances is to  1. Distribute and post the cost to GL after fixing Auto Accounting rules. 2. Create reversal batch to reverse incorrect batch. 3. Distribute and the post the reversals to GL. 4. End date the project 5. If required, change the project number. 6. Create new project after fixing Project Type. Thanks

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