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EBS General Discussion

workflow mailer configuration -Unable to make a network connection

Hi Friends,  We are trying to configure imap server in 11i workflow notification mailer & getting the error message "Unable to make a network connection".  system configuration:  EBS 11i - windows 2003 server database - for imap server we are using ms exchange server 2007.  pl help us to resolve this issue .  *Jan 24, 2012 2:13:58 PM GST]:1327400038328:Thread[BES Dispatch Thread,5,main]:0:-1:QLNG-S-012:[SVC-GSM-WFMLRSVC-51286 : oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsc.SvcComponentStateMachine.updateComponentStatus(Logger, Connection, int, String, String)]:BEGIN (Logger{mLog=[$Header: 115.78 2004/12/16 16:17:13 rnix ship $ @23667197 {oracle.apps.fnd.profiles.ExtendedProfileStore@136a43c}],mUniqueId=SVC-GSM-WFMLRSVC-51286,mLevel=4}, oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleConnection@1a7508a, 10006, STOPPED_ERROR, Could not handle the control event -> oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsc.SvcComponentContainerException: Could not start component; performing rollback -> oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsc.SvcComponentException: Validation failed for the following parameters -> {INBOUND_SERVER=Unable to make a network connection.}.  Parameters were -> {INBOUND_MAX_IGNORE_SIZE=1000, INBOUND_MAX_LOOKUP_CACHE_SIZE=100, ATTACH_IMAGES=Y, ALLOW_FORWARDED_RESPONSE=Y, INBOUND_UNSOLICITED_THRESHOLD=2, NODENAME=WFMAIL, SEND_UNSOLICITED_WARNING=Y, AUTOCLOSE_FYI=Y, PROCESSOR_READ_TIMEOUT_CLOSE=N, INBOUND_PROTOCOL=IMAP, ATTACHED_URLS=WFMAIL:ATTACHED_URLS,, PROCESSOR_OUT_THREAD_COUNT=1, EXPUNGE_ON_CLOSE=Y, ATTACH_STYLESHEET=Y, OUTBOUND_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT=120, INBOUND_MAX_RET_EMAIL_SIZE=100, MAX_INVALID_ADDR_LIST_SIZE=100, PROCESSOR_MAX_LOOP_SLEEP=60, SEND_ACCESS_KEY=N, PROCESSOR_IN_THREAD_COUNT=1, FRAMEWORK_APP=1, CLOSED=WFMAIL:CLOSED, INBOUND_FETCH_SIZE=100, SUMMARY=WFMAIL:SUMMARY, ENABLE_STYLESHEET=N, PROCESSOR_ERROR_LOOP_SLEEP=60, OPEN_MAIL_FYI=WFMAIL:OPEN_MAIL_FYI, FRAMEWORK_RESP=20420,, INBOUND_PASSWORD=_8#6#$##88^9494^!$$89$#^666@#496^#4!$8$ `A+A9+*|!$^}^&%|#}!@%^$09|@}$#}0+, RESET_NLS=N, HTTP_USER_AGENT=Mozilla/4.76, PROCESS=PROCESS, OPEN_MAIL_DIRECT=WFMAIL:OPEN_MAIL_DIRECT, PROCESSOR_LOOP_SLEEP=5,,, FRAMEWORK_USER=0, CANCELED=WFMAIL:CANCELED, OUTBOUND_PROTOCOL=SMTP, DISCARD=DISCARD,, FROM=Workflow Mailer, PROCESSOR_DEFER_EVTDATA_READ=Y, SEND_CANCELED_EMAIL=Y, WARNING=WFMAIL:WARNING, PROCESSOR_MAX_ERROR_COUNT=10, INBOUND_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT=120, HTMLAGENT=, INBOX=INBOX, OPEN_INVALID_MORE_INFO=WFMAIL:OPEN_INVALID_MORE_INFO, OUTBOUND_SSL_ENABLED=N, INBOUND_SERVER=, OPEN_MORE_INFO=WFMAIL:OPEN_MORE_INFO, MAILER_SSL_TRUSTSTORE=NONE, INLINE_ATTACHMENT=N, OPEN_INVALID=WFMAIL:OPEN_INVALID,, DIRECT_RESPONSE=N, OPEN_MAIL=WFMAIL:OPEN_MAIL_OUTLOOK, HTML_DELIMITER=DEFAULT, FRAMEWORK_URL_TIMEOUT=30, COMPONENT_LOG_LEVEL=1, SUMHTML=WFMAIL:SUMHTML, PROCESSOR_READ_TIMEOUT=10, DEBUG_MAIL_SESSION=N, INBOUND_SSL_ENABLED=N,}) [Jan 24, 2012 2:14:38 PM GST]:1327400078003:Thread[ComponentMonitor,5,main]:0:-1:QLNG-S-012:[SVC-GSM-WFMLRSVC-51286 : oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsc.SvcComponentMonitor.startAutomaticComponents()]:Starting automatic component 10006 [Jan 24, 2012 2:14:46 PM GST]:1327400086473:Thread[BES Dispatch Thread,5,main]:0:-1:QLNG-S-012:[SVC-GSM-WFMLRSVC-51286 : oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsc.SvcComponentContainer.onBusinessEvent(BusinessEvent)]:(BusinessEvent{name=oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsc.SvcComponent.start, key=SVC:24-JAN-2012, priority=50, correlationId=null, sendDate=Tue Jan 24 14:14:40 GST 2012, receiveDate=null, From Agent:  , To Agent:  , Last Subscription=  , Error Message=null, Error Stack=null, BES_FROM_AGENT=WF_CONTROL@PROD.QALHATLNG.INT, COMPONENT_ID=10006, CONTAINER_PROCESS_ID=51286, CONTAINER_TYPE=GSM, BES_PAYLOAD_OBJECT=false}) [Jan 24, 2012 2:14:56 PM GST]:1327400096565:Thread[BES Dispatch Thread,5,main]:0:-1:QLNG-S-012:[SVC-GSM-WFMLRSVC-51286 : oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsc.SvcComponentContainer.handleComponentEvent(int, String, String)]:Successfully retrieved component details from the database*

Hi,  Please make sure all the workflow services are enabled and started.  Unable To Start Workflow Notification Mailer [ID 418329.1] Workflow Cannot Connect to IMAP Sever: "Unable to Make a Network Connection" [ID 577592.1]  Also please verify your IMAP server connections by checking point 8.B in  How To Troubleshoot Java-based Workflow Notification Mailer [ID 242941.1]  Thanks

Thanks for your update.  I have checked as per the metalink doc "242941.1" . i am getting below message only for IMAP.  *C:\prod\scripts>%AFJVAPRG% -classpath %AF_CLASSPATH% -Dprotocol=imap  -Ddbcfile= c:\prod\prodappl\fnd\11.5.0\secure\PROD_qlng-s-012\prod.dbc -Dserver=qlng-s-003. -Dport=995 -Dconnect_timeout=120 -Ddebug=Y  -Daccount=oracle1@qlng .om  -Dpassword=System123  -DdebugMailSession=Y  MLRTST : oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsc.Logger.Logger(String, int) : Logging to System.o ut until necessary parameters are retrieved for Logger to be properly started.  DEBUG: getProvider() returning javax.mail.Provider[STORE,imap,com.sun.mail.imap. IMAPStore,Sun Microsystems, Inc]*  Kindly suggest need to any setup in ms exchange server or firewall level.  Thanks

Hi;  Please check first below notes: OracleWorkflow Administrator ’ s Guide Which Versions of Microsoft Exchange are Supported with Workflow Notification Mailer? [ID 1177175.1]  For Troubleshooting : Troubleshooting Oracle Workflow in Applications 11i [ID 262011.1] OWF H Diagnostics, Solutions and Information [ID 332152.1] 11i/R12 - A guide for troubleshoting Workflow Notification Emails - Inbound and Outbound [ID 831982.1]  Also see: Notifications Not Being Sent In Workflow [ID  1012344.7] Workflow Mailers Not Sending Notifications [ID  560472.1]  Basic Setup To View Workflows and Notifications Owned by other Users: Workflow Adminstrator [ID 371792.1]  Hope it helps  Regard Helios

HRMS application  EBS SUSE linux 10 sp3 database  I have an issue where in i need to configure Workflow Mailer for a new  Instance. I am able to work with the SMTP but there is no IMAP configured since  Microsoft Exchange is being used.  MY SA does not want to turn on the IMAP service on the exchange server since we do not use inbound processing.  fields under Inbound EMail Account are mandatory.  How do we handle this issue?  Help is appreciated.

Pl follow the steps in this MOS Doc  How To Configure The Workflow Java Mailer Without An IMAP Account (Assumes No Inbound Processing) [ID 268274.1]	  HTH Srini

I have an issue where in i need to configure Workflow Mailer for a new  Instance. I am able to work with the SMTP but there is no IMAP configured since  Microsoft Exchange is being used.  How To Configure The Workflow Java Mailer Without An IMAP Account (Assumes No Inbound Processing) [ID 268274.1] Example Of Configuring Workflow Java Notification Mailer With Oracle Applications [ID 249957.1]  Thanks, Hussein

Thanks Srini abd Hussein,  Worked fine.

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