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EBS General Discussion

Periodic alert need to send requisition details

Hi All,  Can you please let me know how to design a alert action with header information and line information(multiple)  Ex. alet output should be like        req num : 124      des        : xxx             line num des               1           adafdasf            2           ljl;kjl;j;lk           3          ;ljlk;j  I mean to say, one header will be multiple lines. This to be detail, because one mail for one req having multiple lines.

You have to define WHEN you want the alert to fire. Is it upon CREATION ?  Upon Approval?  Once you have identified the condition, you have to format the message.  Here is a great example It is for PO header and PO lines.  You can use it  - just change PO details to Req Details.  Sandeep Gandhi

Hi Sandeep,  I know the condition. I am asking how to build the alert in the above(message) mentioned format.  Because event alert is for each exception.   For example see the alert message below, if we have two lines for one requisition the alert is firing two times for each line with same requisition number.  I want two lines and one requisition header in single alert notification.  ___________________________________________________________________                  Requisition Number	:	14636 	Description		:	ALet test  	Line Num	Description				Quantity	Unit Price	Trx unit Price  ----------- ---------- =**= Enter summary template below this line =**= **	2		Test					10		10		10  =**= Enter summary template above this line =**=  ___________________________________________________________________

Try to write the alert on the req. header table. And then user the formatting from the example listed earlier.  Sandeep Gandhi

I want details from both header and line table.

You can write an alert on the header and include details from the lines. Please go thru' the example that was provided earlier.  Sandeep Gandhi

Sandeep,  Leave about the query, i will take care of that.  My question is i have 2 records ex:  header  ||  lnum ||   ldata ||   lcur 12         || 1 ||        a ||       usd 12         || 2      ||   b      ||  eur  I want this to be displayed in mail as  Header : 12  Lnum ||  Ldata || lcur 1       ||  a       ||usd 2       ||  b       || eur

Sandeep,  Thanks for all your response.  The solution is we can use summary as action level and display the line details with requstn number in the subject. so for each req the alert gets triggered with lines in the alert body.  Thank You.

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