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Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition

Covers BI Server, Interactive Dashboards, Answers, Delivers, Disconnected Analytics, Briefing Books

OBIEE Licensing

Hello,  I am not sure if this is the right forum to post about OBIEE licensing question. It would be nice if Oracle opens up a separate forum for Licensing related questions.  Anyways..  I develop some rich Video based learning tools using c++ and Java. And that is all I use.   These days OBIEE is a trend setter product in BI area. I need to develop interactive video using c++ and java.  So here are points  1. I download OBIEE suite from OTN on my windows desktop which as 1 CPU with 3 GB RAM on Windows Vista 32 bit 2. I configure entire OBIEE suite on just one machine (above #1)  without any clients  3. The Database that is being used for repository and BI is 10g XE   Now the question:  If I just capture screen shot of OBIEE products as a supplementary to my video development for learning OBIEE, Do I still need to pay for above licenses?    The OBIEE product itself is not being used anywhere nor anyone will get any access to the database or product.  I just need it for capturing screen shot of the product.   Do I still require to buy licenses?   Please advice.   Thanks, R  Edited by: Rich V on Feb 12, 2011 12:10 PM

Indeed this is not the best forum to ask licensing questions. A quick search on Google shows the Developer License terms:  Any further question I think you should ask an Oracle sales representative.

Before posting here,  I have already googled  it and came across that link 1000 times.    The development agreement does not clearly say anything. Every bullet  can have many interpretations.  It is vague and not clear.  Thanks, R

The thing is that I don't get the point of the question. Even if I said "yeah you are good, no need to buy a license" would you believe me? Will that be of any use if Oracle went against you for software piracy? If you want to be sure you have one and only way and that's asking the vendor. Otherwise you shouldn't really worry as 1) Oracle is unlikely to know how you are using their product 2) There are so many people posting screen shots of Oracle products that I don't think they will ever notice. Having said that if you do ask the vendor note that they most likely bend vague and unclear issues towards their side. At least you can claim that you "thought" you were covered by the developer's license. Once they tell you you are not you will not be able to claim that and you will be willingly breaking their license.

Nice Insightful reply.  My whole point in asking this if weather anybody has gone through similar issue while developing video learning for Oracle.  I certainly think that developing videos on Oracle courses is really not a unique idea and there must be dime a dozen like me who would be doing this.  It is probably best to ask Oracle sales rep but that is exactly my fear, they are there to make a sale and instead of giving right answer the will find a right deal for themselves.   As regarding to noticing screens by Oracle, Oracle wont notice just yet, Oracle goes after someone who is hugely successful on Oracle stuff and they are very smart at figuring out how to sue somebody.  So, if I sell 10k licenses of my video in a year, for sure Oracle will come after me.  But that is big IF. They wont bother me just yet as I am not worthy of their attention yet.  In order to avoid future implications I want to start out right from the beginning.  Thanks, R

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