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Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition

Covers BI Server, Interactive Dashboards, Answers, Delivers, Disconnected Analytics, Briefing Books

OBIEE Compound Layout Issue

Hi Experts,  We have an issue in the dropdown view. The OBI Answers screen does not respond in IE7/ IE8 under the below circumstance:  1. Select a subject area from OBI Answers 2. Add a column to the Criteria, and click on the 'Results' tab 3. Now try to select any option on the right pane  from there on, there is no response already. When navigating to Results tab the compound layout(view) dropdown is not available and the application tends to hang.  We also checked all basic configuration and confirmed that the servers are all set up the same. We have no specific security settings for particular servers. Adding or not adding the domain to the URL makes no difference to the issue.  Thanks,

Does it make any difference if you add your BI site to the trusted sites zone?  Does this work in firefox?  What about compatibility mode in IE8?

Hi,  We have added in our trusted site and all servers are accessible in IE6 and firefox. The OBI Answers screen does not respond in IE7/ IE8 under the circumstance: Select a subject area from OBI Answers, add a column to the Criteria, and click on the 'Results' tab. And if if we try to select any option in the right pane, there is no response. The dropdown where you can select a view is not available.  But the OBI Answer works on 2 servers IE7/IE8. IT only occurs on some servers.

Hi,  Im bringing this up again.   We have already fix our issue here but when we revert back our changes, the webcat we deploy has an issue in the alignment. Below are the question we want to clarify  1. We tried to run the different application (URL) to IE6/IE7 and Firefox and the results we got is different some would work on IE6 etc. and some will not. 2. We also allowed and installed active x and put it in the trusted sites. 3. When upgrading OBI to 10g to 11g do we need to upgrade the webcat?   Thanks!

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