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dbconsole and em grid control

Can I use a dbconsole and em grid control at the same time on the same db instance? Is it possible?

No, you can't .

Thanks response for me.

Why not? You can monitor a database locally through DBConsole and at the same time centrally through grid control. DBConsole agent and central grid control agent are completely independent.  Werner

dbcontrol schema is diffrent from GRid control schema so if some one try  to install Grid control by using dbcontrol repository then during install dbconrol repostory drop and Grid control repository create , so its no possible to use dbcontrol and Grid control  from same database instance.

That's true, you cannot use a database containing a DBConsole repository as repository database for grid control. But you can monitor such a database simultaneously through integrated DBConsole and remotely through grid control.  Werner

I think david want to use dbcontrol repository as oms repository.  If david  want to dbcontrol working  and want to monitor database instance from GC, then in this case he need to install agent on dbcontrol box and point to  GC.

It is all in the SYSMAN schema.   GRID CONTROL has more capabilities than DB CONTROL.  So pick your poison, you can only choose one for the repository database. Now you could have DB CONTROL on some databases that are targets of GRID CONTROL, but not on the OMR - repository database for your OMS Management Server and OMA's Management Agents.

I hope to see an option that will allow a user to use emca to create multiple db consoles for one database when required. Even if it is not for the purpose of creating multiple consoles using different schemas, it would help to prompt for the repository user (not just defaulting to SYSMAN) as well as the password. Then it should also prompt for the Monitoring user and password (and not just deeault to DBSNMP).  This way, there is flexibility in the creation of the console and user install errors that relate to sysman will be reduced.

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