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Enterprise Manager

How to define a Reference Collection for SQL Response Time

Hi, I'm working on a Grid Control with database On the database page we have this nice little graph showing two bars with Latest Collection and Reference Collection.  Clicking either one of these in the legenda brings me to the "SQL Response Time Latest Collection" page. Showing some tables. One of these is named "General".  In the "General" table there is a column "Reference Collection" (Are you still following me??).  How to define the period that is covered in this Reference collection? If I click the button "Reset Reference Collection" is clears the reference data obviously, and seems to take a new 300 second period. Starting immediately as new reference. But I'd like to collect all day, let's say from 9 AM till 5 PM, so that makes a 8*60*60=28800 second reference period. Is this possible? How? Do I overkill or blow up the system if I do this???  Thx

Select target database and go to the bottom screen. Select "Metric Baselines", most likely  Metric Baselines are currently disabled for this database instance.  Solution re-enable Enabling metric baselines causes a small set of instance performance metrics to be persisted to the Automatic Workload Repository. Click the Enable Metric Baselines button to enable this feature now.  George

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