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Solaris 10

DSL connectivity

Hi,  How do I configure a DSL modem for Solaris 10 ?  Please do let me know of some documents or how-to's .  Thanks and Regards  Prakash

Unless you plan on having the Solaris system act as the firewall/router, I strongly recommend that you get a broadband router instead and let the Solaris system act like just another client on a network.   I am a fervent, near-rabid believer that every person who has broadband MUST get a hardware router.  (I wish ISPs would require this!) I have no sympathy for those who have broadband but don't have a broadband router and get hacked or infected.  If you plan on configuring the Solaris system to be the firewall/router, that's a different story.  You'll need to find out what authentication/IP addressing mechanism is used.  If they use PPPoE as most DSL ISPs do, you'll need to get a PPPoE client for Solaris.  (I know they're out there, but I don't remember any names right now.)  Some ISPs only require DHCP with no authentication.  So, it's all based on how your ISP authenticates -- as long as the broadband modem supports Ethernet and doesn't require USB.    You'll also need (A) a second network card, (B) to shut down all services except those that you ABSOLUTELY require, (C) to configure firewall policies, and (D) to configure NAT policies.  Lots of fun stuff.  (Or you could be stupid - I use that word unapologetically - and just hook it up without any security precautions.  I'm sure that there are no Solaris security exploits out there.  *cough*)   But - again - if this is just to get your Sun box to connect to the Internet, leave right now, get in the car, go to your local computer/electronics store, and buy a broadband router.  Go not pass "Go".  Do not collect $200.  Do not allow any system that you own to directly connect to the Internet without putting a firewall/router in between.  I'll get off my soap box now.  

Here is what you need:  Solaris 10 comes with a PPOE client, you don't need additional software.

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