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Solaris 10

pam_ldap with local accounts

Hello,  I would like to provide some users the ability to login to their Solaris account using an LDAP credential.  Naming services would not be in LDAP.  In other words, this could be considered a hybrid of local accounts, files/dns naming services, but adding pam_ldap at the bottom of the authentication stack.  Everything has tested out fine, and there is a sample pam.conf file in the naming service documentation from Sun: login   auth    requisite login   auth    required login   auth    required login   auth    required login   auth    sufficient login   auth    required ... other   auth    requisite other   auth    required other   auth    required other   auth    sufficient other   auth    required  In testing, however, what I have found is that accounts locked (passwd -l foousr resulting in LK in /etc/shadow) work as expected.  Login is denied.  No password accounts (passwd -N foousr resulting in NP in /etc/shadow) do not work as I thought they would.  They are still allowed to login if they supply the correct LDAP credential.  Many thanks for any feedback.

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