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Solaris 10

Cannot connect to the Internet with my Sun Ultra 20 Workstation

Hi Everyone,  I am very new to Solaris world. I have an Ultra 20M running Solaris 10 (x86), and a Linksys 350N router connected to a cable modem. But I am not able to go online. Please can you help me with the commands or steps I need to take for configuring the Solaris for accessing the Internet ?.  Any help, is much appreciated!  Thank you,

connected to a cable modem. But I am not able to go  Not enough info.  What type of cable modem? What does it support?  Who made it?  What model number? etc.  alan

Are you using the router to do any verification the cable company needs?  I assume so and if you are not I would set it up so it does (if it is even needed with cable internet).  After that it should be simply a matter of turning on DHCP.  The easiest way is to type sys-unconfig as root.  That will 'reset' all of the important network settings.  Choose dhcp.  The default router address is probably something like or 1.1   I believe that will be both your gateway and dns.  This all assumes you are using the router as a router and not a switch.  You can then use the router as a firewall and dmz your ultra if you feel like connecting to it from the outside (if you have a static ip for your router).  Same goes with windows, linux, BSD, Apple etc...  nothing solaris specific but the sys-unconfig bit.

Thanks Alan for your help...  I set up a network using Solaris 10...but was unable to set up the network....I am able to assign IP addresses and get them with ifconfig -a. But I am unable to access the internet with the browser or ping router..  Here are the devices I have: -Motorola SB5120 Surfboard Cable Modem -Linksys 350N Wireless Router -ISP: comcast   * This is just for home network.  Thanks for your help!

Ok, so how is this box connected up to your computer?  It looks like you plug one end into the cable connection and type in your access code and the other end should just be a crossover connection to your ethernet card inside of your Sun box.  Then ifconfig interface dhcp start should get you up and on the 'net.  alan

Here is a forum thread that is actually from early-through-mid 2005. It was originally in the old OS forum, and was merged into this web site when all the Sun forums were combined. (That occurred on 30-Mar-06 and all the original post dates were reset to that time.)  " configure internet access on sunblade 150 "  Perhaps it can give additional insight, another approach to the issue.

Hi Everyone,  I have successfully configured the Internet access on Sun Ultra 20 using the sys-unconfig cmd. Thanks Alan and Rukbat for your help.  Much appreciated.

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