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Solaris 11

X11 Forwarding

X11 forwarding doesn't seem to be working for me on Solaris 11 GA. I have the following on /etc/ssh/sshd_config  # X11 tunneling options X11Forwarding yes X11DisplayOffset 10 X11UseLocalhost yes  And from a client machine, i used 'ssh -X root@solaris11'  When i tried to install netbeans 7.2, i don't see the installer.  From truss,  . . . close(2)                                        = 0 fcntl(12, F_DUPFD, 0x00000002)                  = 2 close(12)                                       = 0 close(1)                                        = 0 fcntl(11, F_DUPFD, 0x00000001)                  = 1 close(11)                                       = 0     Received signal #18, SIGCLD, in waitid() [caught]       siginfo: SIGCLD CLD_EXITED pid=15258 status=0x0000 waitid(P_ALL, 0, 0xFFBF3BE8, WEXITED|WTRAPPED|WSTOPPED|WCONTINUED) Err#4 EINTR schedctl()                                      = 0xFEE6A000 lwp_sigmask(SIG_SETMASK, 0x00020000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) = 0xFFBFFEFF [0xFFFFFFFF] setcontext(0xFFBF35C8) waitid(P_ALL, 0, 0xFFBF3BE8, WEXITED|WTRAPPED|WSTOPPED|WCONTINUED) = 0 waitid(P_ALL, 0, 0xFFBF3BE8, WEXITED|WTRAPPED|WSTOPPED|WCONTINUED|WNOHANG) Err#10 ECHILD waitid(P_ALL, 0, 0xFFBF3BE8, WEXITED|WTRAPPED|WSTOPPED|WCONTINUED|WNOHANG) Err#10 ECHILD sigaction(SIGCLD, 0xFFBF3B78, 0xFFBF3C28)       = 0 ioctl(2, TIOCGSID, 0xFFBF3C7C)                  = 0 getsid(0)                                       = 13337 ioctl(2, TIOCGPGRP, 0xFFBF3CE4)                 = 0 fstat64(1, 0xFFBFF710)                          = 0 fstat64(2, 0xFFBFF710)                          = 0 _exit(1) -bash-4.1#  Any ideas what i am missing?  Thanks.  --Rick

Are you logged on to the Solaris 11 system natively as root or "su'ed" to root?  The latter takes some work to work with X.  Does your client system have a $HOME/.ssh/ssh_config file that might disable X forwarding?  Does the Solaris 11 system have a /root/.ssh/sshd_config file that might disable X forwarding?

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