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Workstations General Discussion

Sun Ultra 10 System hangs on POST

I have two ultra 10 workstations, one worked for a few days and then just stoped  POSTing. I pulled all of the hardware and nothing happened differently. I looked up the Sun service manual. Had two LED's on my keyboard on: Caps Lock and Scroll Lock. According to the Sun Ultra 10 Manual ( those LED's mean bad memory. I checked my memory in a known good machine, and the memory turns out to be good. I swapped my CPU into the known good machine and it also is good. I had nothing else to try so I pulled the NVRAM from the bad machine and stuck it in the known good machine. The problem replcated and I had the same results in the formerly known good machine; however, other than the LED's flashing when the system is powered on I got no POST error codes. I then put the previously known good machine's NVRAM back in it and I still have the same problem. I've tried Stop+N with no luck! Thanks in advance for the help.

Hello,  probably your known-good system is now running full diagnostics (output only on the serial/console port until post finishes), which requires a minute or two. This can be caused by different OBP levels (revisions) in the two systems, the NVRAM checksum is invalid and default-settings (diag-switch? true is one of them!) are used.  Attach to the serial port A with a null-modem cable. Informations can be found in the Ultra 10 Service Manual.  Michael

So if I let the system run for a few mintues it should POST? I will attempt to hook a serial cable to the system, but when I read the service manual I thought it said I would need another Sun system for that to work. I only have these two systems, which are now no longer working.

I'm now getting this problem on 3 computers! They power on, and the caps lock light flashes as it POSTS, but I get the error code of CAPS Lock staying on. Caps lock is the only light, which is not in the error code matrix.

I have two ultra 10 workstations, one worked for a few days and then just stoped POSTing.  ... I'm now getting this problem on 3 computers!  Get a null-modem cable and download/use a terminal emulation to attach to the serial/console port of the Sun systems. If no keyboard is attached, the input-/output-device is automatically set to ttya.  For Windows TeraTerm Pro is the recommended terminal emulation.  If the memory or cpu work in the others systems, maybe a bad systemboard is the cause. Don't swap the NVRAM/Timekeeper between the systems until you have located the cause, because probably one of the boards is malfunctioning and discharges the battery in the NVRAM module. A new timekeeper cost more than a used Ultra 5/10 !  Please post the captured output from the console port.  Michael

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