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Servers General Discussion

Hardware Error on Bootup

So I am trying to load Solaris on a server and I execute a "boot cdrom" and this is what I get.  {0} ok boot cdrom Boot device: /pci@1f,4000/scsi@3/disk@6,0:f  File and args:  SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_120011-14 64-bit Copyright 1983-2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved. Use is subject to license terms. Configuring devices. WARNING: /pci@1f,4000/scsi@3 (glm0):         Disconnected tagged cmd(s) (1) timeout for Target 1.0 WARNING: /pci@1f,4000/scsi@3 (glm0):         Disconnected tagged cmd(s) (1) timeout for Target 1.0  Can anyone tell me what the error is telling me. I t takes about 15 minutes of the system sitting at the Configuring devices prompt for this error to occur.   Thanks,  --Josh

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