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New To Java

Quick question

Hi all,           I can't seem to find out how to compare 1 char to 5 chars all at once. What I have at the moment is:                                                           if(token.charAt(x)!='a') 				{ 					nonVowel.append(token.charAt(x)); 			    } 			    else if(token.charAt(x)!='e') 				{ 					nonVowel.append(token.charAt(x)); 				} 			    else if(token.charAt(x)!='i') 				{ 					nonVowel.append(token.charAt(x)); 				} 			    else if(token.charAt(x)!='o') 				{ 					nonVowel.append(token.charAt(x)); 				} 			    else if(token.charAt(x)!='u') 				{ 					nonVowel.append(token.charAt(x)); 				}  But that isn't working and is a little long winded. What I'm looking for is somewhere along the lines of: if(token.charAt(x)!='a'||'e'||'i'||'o'||'u')   That doesn't work either. Any help is much appreciated.

char c = token.charAt(x); // quit calling this method multiple times if ((c != 'a') && (c != 'e') && ...) ...

Something like this?public boolean isVowel(char c) {    return "aeiou".indexOf(c) >= 0; }  kind regards,  Jos

Thanks lads, saved me alot of time.

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