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New To Java

JRE 1-5-0...want to go back to my old stuff!

Sorry if this is the wrong forum but after 4 hours of struggling with this new J2SE (or whatever)...I have to post somewhere.   I want my old, unobtrusive, nothing in the taskbar, doesn't mess with my graphics, doesn't mess with my browser window (IE6), java plug-ins.   This computer is 2 years old and used to run java website "applets" just fine...and transparently. I've had to re-install XP and now, I find, that no Java Runtime is installed. They were obviously installed, originally, from the system manufacturer...but now I find my only option is the "latest" runtime. Well...this causes all sorts of problems:  1. After installing it completely screwed with my graphics settings? Why? I just want to open websites which require JAVA applets...nothing more.  2. OK...I figure out that I need to do a "custom" prevent the above. Thanks for letting me know about that in advance! (NOT).  3. I do this "minimal" custom install. I open the site which needs Java...and my IE6 browser window is now all boned bars not displaying...heck...the whole top of the browser window won't display. I know you and MS don't play well together...but keep it in your own backyards, for goodness sake!  4. "So.." thinks me, I'll open this "Contol Panel" thingy that is available from ANOTHER annoying taskbar icon (if it's in the's using resources!!). NOT!! All I get is a blank window with nothing in it.  5. At this point, I'm still in "investigate the problem" mode...we get to uninstall anything JAVA shortly. Now I find out that the Control Panel (where I need to turn off the annoying JAVA "coffee cup" icon...and any resource hogs involved) has "ISSUES" with ATI graphics cards...and I am to change my graphics cards settings to get the Control Panel to show. At this point I may have lost consciousness, for awhile. Change my gaming computers graphics settings, so I could see your Control Panel, so I could get it to stop screwing with my IE browser, so I could view 2 pages at a website? Do you NOT see how extremely ridiculous and lame this is?????????????  6. NOW I delete JAVA"2".   Now...I don't want you to make this JAVA2 work for me. Not at all!!!. What I want is to either have the original, TRANSPARENT,  JRE I used for 2 years, without issue, without "Control Panels", without changes in my ATI card settings, without my browser window going to hell, without a little "coffee cup"...without ANY of this stuff, back on my computer OR...I want to say to the website admin, at my virtual airline..."Sorry...not gonna happen for me...I'm not 'doing' JAVA".   Y'know...I read some comments from some others on your forum. They brought up how, since the "fall out" (LOL!), you have gone out of your way to make JAVA..."intrusive", "in your face" or...anything BUT transparent. My latest attempt at this J2re (whatever) makes that very clear.   Your little playground fight with MS concerns me not in the least. Point me to a version of JRE that would be completely invisible...or get out of the way as I don't care THAT much about viewing these pages. I will simply tell the administrators of THESE SITES THAT I AM A MEMBER OF that I will no longer use JAVA and if they choose to continue it's use...I will be unable to view those pages and will make no attempt to "fix" it (tried that JS2E (whatever) remember??   AHHhh. Good, I feel better now. The RANT is completely underrated and overly despised. It's a wonderful tool. I tell you what I think...while venting my frustrations. You get the real deal...and learn to glean the real issues.   I want my old JAVA...invisible and transparent. You can kick MS's *** some other day...but not on MY time.

[url=] PEBCAC [/url]

so what are you moaning to us about? you want an older JRE, go install it. I don't know why you're taking this as some personal insult or something, it's not like anyone here is either responsible for this or can do anything about it.   Your little playground fight with MS concerns me not in the least.  what playground fight? by and large, everyone here is a programmer who uses the java programming language in a professional capacity. that's got absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the JRE arguments of a few years ago. get your facts straight

this is a developer support forum, not an END USER support forum  try

@Op. I don't think that it is the JRE which is changing your browser windows. It's more likely that you are running Ms Secutiry Center or something else, which is blocking certain content.  Kaj  would you like help sellecting a web browser that isn't sh!t as well, or do you think you can manage that youself?

Bwahaha... What a loser...

This user probably doesn't realize  that if their computer is only 2 years old, they probably already had Java 2 Standard Edition installed (JRE).  I know my 2 year old Dell come with it installed.  Does anybody know what 'fallout' the OP is referring to?  The last I heard was Microsoft lost its law suit against Sun and was ordered to cease and desist its own VM.  So, in my book that makes Sun the 'King of the Playground'..  JJ

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