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New To Java

Java InputStream

Dear Forum,,  I'm fairlynew to java and I would like to develop a real-time text to mysql mapper.  You see I have a stream of 5 columns coming through a linux tail, and I would like to pipe it (in linux shell) to the java app that will split the line into 5 and from there on I can manage.   I'm trying with InputStream and OutputStream but I can only get to print it on the terminal screen. Can someont point me in the right direction ?  umoorjani

If you are really piping then the input stream would be  You then wrap that in a reader - one or more of the input classes in*.  Your objective there is to read one line at a time.  You then parse each line.  Easy enough to write your self but you could also look at one of the simple parsers like StringTokenizer.  You then use JDBC (java.sql.*) to save it to the database.  You should probably size it for volume.  If there is a lot of volume you might want to thread it so you can save batches via JDBC or even consider writing it to load files which the database load tools can use as input (with large volumes of data this is often faster than JDBC.)

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