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New To Java

Problem with JTable and changeSelection method

Hi!  I can't get the changeSelection (int row, int col, boolean, boolean) to work. Actually, nothing happens when I call it. When i print the row and col count it clearly says, row = 100 and col = 1. Anybody know why changeSelection() doesnt work?  try {                  JTable table = new JTable( model );                         model.setRowCount(0);                       Vector data = new Vector();         String aLine;                filename = listener.getFilename();         if (filename == null)         throw new IOException("No filename");            else { 	LogFile f = FileManager.getInstance().openReadonly(filename);             for (int i =0 ; i <20 ; i++){                  int myseqno = 0;             String xmpInfo = null;                              f.positionAt(foundAtSeqno -10);                      myseqno =;             while (XMP.getBodyLen(b) == 0) {                 xmpInfo = "(extHdr) ";                 myseqno =;             }                      Vector row = new Vector();             String s = new String(b, XMP.getBodyOffset(b), XMP.getBodyLen(b));             Object g = new StringCellValue(s, fakeObject);                      row.addElement(g);               model.insertRow(i ,row);             model.fireTableDataChanged();                      foundAtSeqno++; //            System.out.println("Rowcount" + table.getRowCount()); //            System.out.println("Colcount" + table.getColumnCount());       }      System.out.println("Rowcount" + table.getRowCount());                          table.changeSelection(10, 0, false, false); 

try to do this: model.fireTableDataChanged();  after table.changeSelection(10, 0, false, false);   did you see the documentation :,%20int,%20boolean,%20boolean)   ?

No, still, nothing happens...

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