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New To Java

install JFreechart in Netbeans 5.5

Hi,  I am working on a project and i need to make curves and graphs thanks to Netbeans 5.5. That's why i decided to use the JFreechart class in order to draw curves.  I downloaded and But i am learning JAVA and i don't succeed in making run this class on my project. The jfreechart functions are not recognized by Netbeans when i try to use its, maybe the class hasn't been well integrated to my project?  Could you help me, telling me how to install, and what are the good things to do, to make run this class with Netbeans?.

bob,  you need to add the jfreechart jar file to the netbeans project path.  look that up in the help... it's all there step by step... if you still don't "get it" then there's an online tutorial which takes you through the process, step by step.  I'm not going to repeat it here... without the screenies.  Cheers. Keith.

Hi Corlettk,  I added the jfreechart jar file to the netbeans project path like you told me. It solved one problem, now Netbeans advance me some functions when i write for instance:  JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.  After the dot, if i wait, netbeans show me a lot of functions i can use, but, when i try to use one of its, it's written it can't find the method while it has just offer me the posibility to use it.  I don't understand why. Could you help me, please...

I suspect you are not yet proficient enough with Java to tackle Swing and JFreeChart. You need to go though the Java tutorial, go though the JFreeChart examples (you have bought the JFreeChart documentation haven't  you) and then look a the JFreeChart Javadoc.

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