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New To Java

Luna Exception,class com.chrysalisits.crypto.LunaException message = LunaSe

Dear Friends,  I am getting the following exception while trying to generate GUID. Could you please help me on this.  Stack Trace: com.chrysalisits.crypto.LunaException: LunaSession: slot uninitialized 	at com.chrysalisits.crypto.LunaSession.OpenNewTokenSession( 	at com.chrysalisits.crypto.LunaSession.<init>( 	at com.chrysalisits.crypto.LunaSession.GetNewInstance( 	at com.chrysalisits.crypto.LunaRandom.engineNextBytes( 	at 	at casa_utils.UUIDGenerator.generateRandomBasedUUID( 	at casa_utils.UUIDGenerator.generateRandomBasedUUID( 	at casa_utils.GuidGen.getShortGUID(  Thanks Rajkumar

That's a good start; however, doesn't appear to be a correct name, so: 1. Where's that library? 2. Did you seed the random generator properly, per its JavaDoc? 3. If 2, what are lines 44 to 54 of

Thanks for your response. 1.It is in LunaJCASP.jar. 2.I verified the code and the seed settings are proper. Could please provide the root cause for this exception.  Thanks Rajkumar.

You're asking in the wrong place, on the wrong site. Try or whatever it is. These forums are for the Sun JDK.

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