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New To Java

How to pass java arraylist into javascript arrays

Hi, i have declare an arraylist  ArrayList list1 = new ArrayList();   Inside the arraylist, there are elements. Now, i wan to pass the elements in the java arraylist into javascript arrays but i encounter javascript errors. This is how i code.  var arr1 = new Array(); <% for ( int x =0; x<list1.size(); x++) { %> 	arr1[<%=x%>] = <%=(String)list1.get(x)%>;  <% } %>   how do i solve this problem?  Thanks for the guidance in advance

both the two are incompatible types.   can we pass anything from java to javascript?  Diablo

Yes, we can, from Applets to Javascript.  But the OP doesn't understand the very basics of the stuff he's working on. By the time the Javascript is executed, the JSP is long dead. JSPs and Javascript can not communicate at runtime.

Hi,  Use Quotes around string value ( arr1[indexposition] = "stringvalue", when assign to javascript array as below.  arr1[<%=x%>] = "<%=(String)list1.get(x)%>";    Regards, Ram.

JTech wrote: Hi,  Use Quotes around string value ( arr1[indexposition] = "stringvalue", when assign to javascript array as below.  arr1[<%=x%>] = "<%=(String)list1.get(x)%>";    Regards, Ram.  Hi Ram,  How about using arr1 = <%=list.toArray()%>  ??? Is this possible? I tried it but was not working on my IDE. Do you have any solutions for this??  Regards, Thiagu

raggy  Please don't post in old threads that are long dead.  When you have a question, please start a topic of your own.  Feel free to provide a link to an old thread if relevant.  I'm locking this thread now.  It's more than 6 months old.  db

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