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New To Java

Split double numbers from a text file into double array

I have the following code: import*; public class x { private static String readFileAsString(String filePath) throws{     byte[] buffer = new byte[(int) new File(filePath).length()];     BufferedInputStream f = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(filePath));;     return new String(buffer); }     public static void main(String[] args) throws{         String str2array = readFileAsString("x.txt");         String[] arr=str2array.split(","); String a = arr[5]; System.out.println(a); double b = arr[5]; System.out.println(b);     } }  and x.txt: 0.03955945,0.03955945,0.11761671,0.057252668,0.030778322,0.017218199,0.0124009065,0.0124009065,0.0047305133,0.0047305133,0.0047305133,0.0032182655,0.003978315,0.07595109,0.089649245,0.089649245,0.026411638,0.01330624,0.005414539,0.004363436,0.004363436,0.0042371973,0.038139768,0.038139768,0.101917334,0.06477121,0.033142086,0.017457731,0.017457731,0.009107639,0.009107639,0.0071107424,0.004103866,0.0040783533,0.0040783533,0.005235885,0.06375461,0.08578691,0.08578691,0.02458044,0.01838197,0.01838197,0.008729034,0.008729034,0.006332842,0.006332842,0.004833875,0.0030726937,0.002600148,0.0030155652,0.088991135,0.088991135,0.088991135,0.01730314,0.01730314,0.0067671454,0.038042143,0.03816381,0.03816381,0.0230084,0.010566873,0.01911031,0.01911031,0.01911031,0.01835568,0.0138946995,0.011414777,0.008515169,0.008289955,0.008289955,0.009237138,0.00809182,0.005245238,0.0058210404,0.0058210404,0.03706791,0.089868285,0.089868285,0.043346766,0.016818156,0.016818156,0.0044978005,0.054433424,0.03563282,0.02209424,0.02209424,0.012800509,0.029410426,0.0258746,0.011521634,0.011521634,0.008123339,0.0073138005,0.00673923,0.00673923,0.0056050676,0.007074402,0.007445267,0.007445267,0.007666857,0.0070602125,0.0070602125,0.08097361,0.12492809,0.12492809,0.106743686,0.087920606,0.08924122,0.08924122,0.057736725,0.041736055,0.028767848,0.028767848,0.024077855,0.014412839,0.014412839,0.012894028,0.013346321  The result, when I run the program: incompatible types found   : java.lang.String required: double double b = arr[5];   I want to split double numbers from x.txt file into double array. My solution is wrong, because I use String[] arr=str2array.split(","); I tried to change String[] arr=str2array.split(","); to Double[] arr=str2array.split(","); but, don't work. Can someone help me?

Obviusly you have to parse each String into a double.

flounder wrote: Obviusly you have to parse each String into a double. Yes, You're right. I used: Double.parseDouble(arr[i]);  Your reply is correct. Thank you very much!

I should have mentioned an alternative.  If you have Java 1.5 and above then you could use the Scanner class which has the nextDouble method which will read and return the next double from your file.

Note: This thread was originally posted in the [Java Programming|] forum, but moved to this forum for closer topic alignment.

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