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JDeveloper and ADF

Oracle's new ADF Faces CRUD tutorial...

I just finished going through this:  I decided to test the concurrent update capability of the application and opened two customerForm pages to attempt to update the same record.  It came back with a pretty ugly error:  "Cannot execute commit() on Unit of Work more than once".    Also, to help people from pulling their hair out when the app crashes on the first run:  There is a typo in the tutorial that says to create a navigation rule from login.jspx to customerForm.jspx.  This is an error.  And in fact in the following picture of the instructions it's clear that the navigation should go from login.jspx to customer.jspx.

Robert - I've pinged the relevant team to have a look at this.

If they need more information they can reach me at

First the easy one.  Thanks for catching the typo and in the process saving many needed hair follicles.  As for the other issue, working with the same record on two different pages. The code we provide in the workspace for one of the managed beans is responsible for raising the error.   As you pointed out, the model.mb.ManageCustomers code uses a global Unit of Work for all users which explains the problem.  When the tutorial is released for the production version of the product we will incorporate your use case into the workspace.  Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Glad to help.

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