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JDeveloper and ADF

How to Revert to Prior Version of JDeveloper

I recently downloaded the latest version of JDeveloper and after testing it out, I've decided that I would like to revert to a prior release of JDeveloper (10.1.3 EA). When I attempt to launch the prior version of the application, it fails to start. In checking the logs, I get the following message: Unable to find configuration file: 10.1.3 EA jdev.conf  I use JDeveloper on a Mac and would like help in working through this issue. Please advise.  Thank you.

Any reason that you prefer the EA release? the production release has many bug fixes from the EA release. In any case, assuming that each version of JDeveloper was installed in a different directory - you should be able to run both on your machine. (You just can't share projects between the two)

There are a few behavioral differences that I like less in the new version than what was in the EA version. I've tried running all four different versions of JDeveloper that I have, and each starts up with a different splash screen. But, when the splash screen closes and the IDE window opens, it is always build 3673.

I'm guessing that you actually ended up installing all your JDeveloper versions one on top of the other. Try searching your disk for a jdev\system directory and see how many of those you've got.

As far as system directories that might be related to JDeveloper, I come up with the following: /Applications/JDeveloper/ /Users/jabarker/jdevhome/system /Users/jabarker/jdevhome/system10.  What can I do with these?

Hi,   there is a Windows environment variable setting which JDev uses to find your JDev home directory called JDEV_USER_HOME.  Set this to the old Jdev home location that you want. Right click on My Computer and select  Properties. It's under System Properties->Advanced->Envronment Variables. This may solve some of you strange version results.  I can't agree more with Shay on moving to 10.1.3. There are so many improvements and time saving features in 10.1.3 that are not in 10.1.2 and earlier versions. Having developed a number of J2EE applications in 10.1.2, almost every time i use 10.1.3 there is something I find which used to take me ages is now 'out of the box' with 10.1.3.  Brenden

I will look for an environmental variable in one of the jdev.conf files to see if I can tweak it to get different results.  However, I am running JDeveloper on a Mac. Java apps with GUIs are not as zippy on a Mac as they are on Windows. Furthermore, I don't like the code editor's new scrolling behavior that continues to scroll well after I have stopped scrolling on my track pad. It's just a bunch of newfangled behaviors that work differently from most gui-related behaviors on a Mac. Not to say that the new version of JDeveloper is lousy, it's just that I'm trying to crunch through a tall list of tasks with existing projects by a tight deadline and I don't have time to futz around with this new version. I only downloaded it in the first place to simply check it out, but I had no intentions of migrating my projects and workspaces to it right away and abandon the prior version.  Thanks

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