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JDeveloper and ADF

Create server variables

I want to create a set of server variables in the server.xml so that I can stored username and password for OID.  I need to setup JDev 10.13 this way.  How can I do this? For example,  <param-name>filedir</param-name> <param-value>/temp</param-value>  Thanks,  Marcelo

Hi,  can you give me a bit more information for why you need to setup JDeveloper for this? Do you need JDeveloper to access OID or is it your application that needs OID access at runtime?  Frank

Hi Frank, it will be an application that will access it at run time.  I thought of using web.xml and get the information from the context.  However, this variables will depend strictly on the environment (dev, test, prod) that they are in.  For example, the username for OID in dev will be oid_dev while in prod is oid_prod.  Furthermore, the mid-tier admins want to have full access to this username passwords for security purpose, and they want to change the usernames and passwords as they please.  Therefore, I thought of putting these variables in some type of server.xml which will be local to that particular server.  Thanks,

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