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JDeveloper and ADF

any tutorial for performing manual CRUD beside ADF faces and ADF BC ?

Hi Thank you for reading my post is there any tutorial around which help me learn how to perform manual CRUD beside ADF BC ?  in my application i have some complex DB operation which i need to perform them manually.  an example is my login page : user enter user name and password and i should check it with database and after i checked that its correct then i can set session attributes that user is loged in.  now the question is : how i perform that check for user name and password , does ADF-BC helps or i should get the connection and create an statement ...  thanks

Hi,  you can utilize ADF BC two fold:  1. Create a VO that performs the query that you use for authentication 2. Get the ADF BC transaction and issue a prepared SQL statement to obtain the result  Frank

thank you for hints ,  can you route me to a sample or tutorial for using VO and tansactions .. ?  Thanks

Hi I create a actionmethod for my button and i create an instance of UsersViewImpl uview = new UsersViewImpl();   now , i want to query the users based on lastLoginTS , how i should performt this operation ?  thanks

Hi!  You can do that with bind variables. Perhaps this thread will help you:  Claus

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