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JDeveloper and ADF

Validation threshold limit reached

I want to set an attribute value using entity validation method.The code is given below but when trying to insert new row it is giving the following message.  (oracle.jbo.ValidationException) JBO-28200: Validation threshold limit reached. Invalid Entities still in cache     Code:  public boolean validateentity_sqc0100() {                     Number avg_mr ;                          avg_mr= (getMr1().add(getMr2())).add(getMr3().add(getMr4().add(getMr5()))).add(getMr6().add(getMr7().add(getMr8().add(getMr9().add(getMr10()).add(getMr11()).add(getMr12()).add(getMr13()).add(getMr14()).add(getMr15()).add(getMr16()).add(getMr17()).add(getMr18()).add(getMr19()).add(getMr19()))))).divide(20);                         setAvgMr((Number)avg_mr);                 return true;  }

Hi,  first, make sure that you don't set any attribute during validation. Doesn't look like, however, just be sure this is said   I could find a bug for this problem. However, the cause in this bug is different from your scenario. Did you check if any of the referenced getMr...() methods returns 0 or null?  If you run a JDeveloper version before 10.1.2 then try a newer build. There is a reference to an old bug that has been fixed since then.  Frank

Hi Frank,  Thanks a lot for reply. I have checked and all these fields are set as not null. According to you I should not set any attribute during validation but according to my requirement one of the attribute value will be dependent on previous attributes and the later will get its value caculating from previous attributes value. How can I accomplish this? Please help

Hi,  setting an attribute during validation enforces re-validation. This means you are running in an endless loop. You can calculate from attributes, however, no changes should be set to an attribute of the VO.  Frank

Hi Frank,  I get the same JBO error while executing a SQL like this:  Declare    a number; Begin     a := myFunc(); End;  I call myFunc() using a PreparedStatement but as this function performs some DML, I can't call it like "Select myFunc() from dual", instead I have to use the above syntax which returns that error. So my sql which I execute using executeUpdate is like this:  stmt = "Declare a number; a := myFunc(); End;"  Is my approach right for executing a function containing DMLs?  S/\EE|)

Hi,    During validation,we can set attribute value,but in order to avoid the problem you encounter,you should check the field value before set ,if the current value equal to the one which you want to set,you should skip it.     good luck             lixinzhu              2007/10/10

Hi,  Thanks for your reply, but I don't set any attributes in my validations, the problem raises when I call a function which performs some DMLs.  S/\EE|)

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