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JDeveloper and ADF

Ant build script for a WebCenter Portal Application

Hi,  I have created a basic WebCenter Portal Application in jdeveloper. I want to create a war file of this application using ant build script.  Created a build.xml file using the "Buildfile from project" option from the New Gallery option. Can anyone help me to code the portion in the build.xml file, where I can create a war file...  Currently the bild.xml file has all the libraries reffered in it and also the following code  <target name="init">     <tstamp/>     <mkdir dir="${output.dir}"/>   </target>   <target name="all" description="Build the project" depends="compile,copy"/>   <target name="clean" description="Clean the project">     <delete includeemptydirs="true" quiet="true">       <fileset dir="${output.dir}" includes="*/"/>     </delete>   </target>   <target name="compile" description="Compile Java source files" depends="init">     <javac destdir="${output.dir}" classpathref="classpath"            debug="${javac.debug}" nowarn="${javac.nowarn}"            deprecation="${javac.deprecation}" encoding="Cp1252" source="1.6"            target="1.6">       <src path="src"/>     </javac>   </target>   <target name="copy" description="Copy files to output directory"           depends="init">     <patternset id="copy.patterns">       <include name="*/.gif"/>       <include name="*/.jpg"/>       <include name="*/.jpeg"/>       <include name="*/.png"/>       <include name="*/.properties"/>       <include name="*/.xml"/>       <include name="*/.ejx"/>       <include name="*/.xcfg"/>       <include name="*/.cpx"/>       <include name="*/.dcx"/>       <include name="*/.sva"/>       <include name="*/.wsdl"/>       <include name="*/.ini"/>       <include name="*/.tld"/>       <include name="*/.tag"/>       <include name="*/.xlf"/>       <include name="*/.xsl"/>       <include name="*/.xsd"/>     </patternset>     <copy todir="${output.dir}">       <fileset dir="src">         <patternset refid="copy.patterns"/>       </fileset>     </copy>   </target>  Please help. Thanks in advance.

You need to give us your jdev version...  If you build the ant script from the project you should see a check box 'Include Packaging Tasks  (uses ojdeploy)' which you mark on. This should generate the needed targets. Building the war file uses ojdeploy to generate/changes some descriptors, depending on the technologies you are using, but the result works.  Timo

The jdeveloper version i'm using is Created the build.xml file using the ojdeploy and created ear file.  Thanks.

Hi,  See followings

After creating the build.xml file as mentioned above for my WebCenter Portal application, When I try to run the login.jspx page, it is unseccessful . It throws me an error   [10:53:44 AM] ####  Deployment incomplete.  #### [10:53:44 AM] Remote deployment failed (oracle.jdevimpl.deploy.common.Jsr88RemoteDeployer) #### Cannot run application TestBuildApplication due to error deploying to IntegratedWebLogicServer. [Application TestBuildApplication stopped and undeployed from Server Instance IntegratedWebLogicServer]  Created another sample WebCenter Portal application without selecting Ant in project technologies and then when I run the login.jspx of that application, it was success. The page opened properly.  What can be the issue for this?

User, I don't see any reason that adding ANT to the project technologies results in an undeployable application. Please clarify some things for the application with ANT added as technology: 1. have you run the login.jspx page and received the '[10:53:44 AM] #### Deployment incomplete. ####' error or have you build an EAR and tried to deploy this ear file onto the  integrated WLS? 2. have you checked the log if there is an other error which results in the deployment error? This should be the case as there must a reason given why the deployment failed.  Timo

Tried deploying the ear file to the weblogic server(localhost/7001/console). But it is throwing error for some MDSConfiguration.  I came across the URL  Executed the command, but it didn't retrieve me any information. archive = getMDSArchiveConfig(fromLocation='C:/JDeveloper/...../demo.ear')  But now, I have problem setting  archive.setAppMetadataRepository(repository='respository',partition='partition',type='DB',jndi='jndi')  What will be  the jndi location. I have no idea. Please help.

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