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Oracle Application Server - General

how uninstall report bridge....

hi all,  i have created one report bridge in oracle application server by mistakenly. I need to uninstall that report bridge from my oracle application server 10g on window environment....  kindly help me for the same.

hi ,  do following steps for the same :  1. Edit the $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/conf/opmn.xml file to manually remove the ReportsBridge entry.  For example, remove the following entry: </ias-component> <ias-component id="repsrv2" status="enabled" id-matching="false"> <process-type id="ReportsBridge" module-id="ReportsBridgeServices"> <process-set id="repsrv2" restart-on-death="true" numprocs="1"> <environment> <variable id="PATH" value="D:\OH_10g/jdk/jre/bin" append="true"/> <variable id="PATH" value="D:/OH_10g/bin;C:/WINDOWS/system32;C:/WINDOWS;C:/WINDOWS/System32/Wbem" append="true"/> <variable id="CLASSPATH" value="D:\OH_10g/jlib/zrclient.jar" append="true"/> <variable id="CLASSPATH" value="D:\OH_10g/reports/jlib/rwrun.jar" append="true"/> </environment> </process-set> </process-type> </ias-component>  Note: It is best practice to first back up any files you modify.  2. Save changes.  3. For changes to take effect, restart the OPMN services using commands:      opmnctl stopall     opmnctl startall  i hope it'll help you......

it works.....

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