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Oracle Application Server - General

Weblogic Forms 11g - Windows 2008 64bit - OHS/Webcache/Forms Configs

Help!  I have OWLS 11gR1 (10.3.3) and FWM, FormsReports ( installed on Windows 2008-64bit. I also have OWLS 11gR1 (10.3.3) and FWM, FormsReports ( installed on Windows XP (32-bit).  I've compiled my app in each environment, respectively, and I'm getting different results: FRM-41068 on 64bit; No errors on 32bit.  Here's the scenario:  I have a custom menu with parent and menu items built from the database (cursor fetches in menu start up code and placed using set_menu_item_property built-in).  Based on the user's privs, the menu is built dynamically.  After I log into my 64bit version, I immediately get error "FRM-41068: Error in Set_Menu_Item_Property." Once I "OK" my way through the messages, my form is displayed with the attached menu, however, my menu placeholders display "<New Item>", as though the cursors failed on the fetch to the database and did not return my menu item names.  If I click on one of the "<New Item>" menu items, I again "OK" my way through the messages... just as mentioned above.  I don't have this problem in my 32bit XP environment (This also was not an issue with 10g AS (, 32bit)).  Also, to add, when I turn on session tracing for the session getting the FRM-41068, the errors go away, the forms and menus load correctly.  Is there a Weblogic setting I'm missing somewhere (forms/ohs1/webcache)?  [Forms 11g - Windows 2008 64bit - FRM-41068 - Menu Issues] Thanks for your help!

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