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General Questions

TCP Socket (KGAS)?

I'm not sure posting here is the right place, since it happens using SQL Developer, but nobody can help there...  While debugging a stored procedure, network use on the database goes waaaaay up to taking up more than 3/4 of the resources. Analyzing the wait events of the debugging session, almost all the time waited is for "TCP Socket (KGAS)". After running the procedure for about a minute, the session hangs in one of the "TCP Socket (KGAS)" events, counting eternally the "Seconds in wait", not advancing anymore. If during this minute I hit a breakpoint and debug step by step, the minute-to-hang gets paused also. So after about a minute of summed running time, the session hangs. SQL Dev isn't aware of this hung session, and appears to continue running the procedure (only that it's not advancing). The only thing I can do is kill the session on the database OS (killing through the database won't free the acquired locks and stuff). This wakes up SQL Dev instantly (saying the session has been killed), so I can start another debug run. And so on... Debugging big slow procedures is really no fun like this. I constantly have to monitor the wait events and if there's a "TCP Socket (KGAS)" that takes more than 5 seconds, I know the session is lost in socketland.  Does anyone know something about the "TCP Socket (KGAS)" wait event? Did anyone notice the same behaviour? Does anyone has a suggestion for more solid debugging? Anything?  Hoping for some kind of magical solution proposed by some kind of Oracle/networking guru, K.

Hi,  Can you install and run other utility like PLSQL Developer or Toad for test purposes ? Maybe this is a bug ?  Cheers

It might be part of a larger problem. If you have Metalink access check out Doc ID 5490208 Time Wait TCP Socket KGAS and see if that what is documented there is similar to what you are experiencing. You might also consider filing an SR with Oracle Support as well.

Doesn't happen in Toad 8, but that version is prior to Oracle 10g. I assume it uses another debugging method. SQL Developer's old probe debugger (maybe the one Toad uses?) doesn't have this problem either.  Anyone using a current Toad with Oracle 10.2? Try debugging and when hit a breakpoint, see the Waits tab of the debugging session in the Session Browser. I get loooots of TCP Socket (KGAS) there...  Thanks, K.

It might be part of a larger problem  That's what I was thinking. As bug 5490208 describes, it's new to Oracle 10.2. Not exactly the same situation, but the same outcome: too much network usage. As they put the status of that bug to "Not a bug, filer", and haven't put any progress for 2 months, I guess they don't really care anymore for that specific situation. So yes, I'm definitely considering opening a new SR to try to get to the bottom of this.  Thanks, K.

This is an old thread. I have a question to OP.  Did you ever create an SR with Oracle and did they resolve your issue?  Thank you, Rahul.

We have very high TCP Socket (KGAS) waits with a 3rd party tax solution using AS 10.1.2 communicating with a RDBMS (thousands of seconds per hour).  The vendor has acknowledged it as an issue, but I do not have details on how they plan to resolve it.

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