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General Questions

text of a procedure

hey gurus  how can i find the text of a procedure.i mean the structure or defination of a perticuler procedure in the database   Thanks

select text from user_source where name='procedure_name'  if you are already logged in as that user, or if you have sys privs. then you can find the text from dba_source for that owner.

Try something like this:   select text from user_source where name = 'your procedure name here'   and type = 'PROCEDURE' order by line; 

or   SQL> set heading off; SQL> set echo off; SQL> Set pages 999; SQL> set long 90000; SQL> SET pagesize 0; SQL> SET linesize 100; SQL> COL ddl_txt for a96 word_wrapped; SQL> select dbms_metadata.get_ddl('PROCEDURE','ABC_1','SCOTT') from dual;

You can get it also from an export file.  Generate your dmp export file, then import it with the show=y option.  This will display the source code.  ~  Madrid.

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