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General Questions

lock accounts 7.3.4

hey  does anyone know if there is possible to lock a database account in oracle 7.3.4 alter user test account lock; doesn't seem to apply.  any ideas would be appricated.

If I recall correctly this was introduced in a subsequent version. But you could of course query the documentation. It is still online at OTN. Probably asked too much.  --  Sybrand Bakker Senior Oracle DBA

The best idea is you lock the whole database and do an upgrade. Not possible, this feature is not supported.  Werner

How about:  alter user lock_him identified by values 'this_account_is_locked';   The only difference is that login attempts will get a password failure message rather than an account is locked message.  Hope that helps,  -Mark

OK thanks everyone.

Hi, this feature is not available into Oracle 7.3.4, please review the next link for more information about this issues.    ALTER USER   Regards.

This feature was first implemented in 9i, so 7.3.4 will report a syntax error.  By the way 7.3.4 is a very old oracle unsupported version, aren't you planning to migrate it to a more recent Oracle Version?  ~  Madrid

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