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General Questions

Renaming DB on oracle 10g XE

Hi,  I am using oracle 10g XE and would like to rename the db name XE to another one. I would ask you whether is it possible to achieve the same, and how should i go about doing it, since i can not create a new db in XE.  Regards  Kunal

What do you try to achieve with changing the name of the XE database?  With Oracle XE you can only have one database, you should not change the name of it since several components have the XE name hardcoded.  You may want to read other comments on a similar issue here -->   Oracle XE and APEX - rename database ~   Madrid

Hi Madrid,  I get your point. I`ll explain you my scenario, and why i wanted the renaming.  hen i run my forms 6i application and we suppy the credentials as user/pass@XE, i wanted the user to use another name instead of XE.  To achieve the above scenario, i thought renaming would help. Could you advise me of something else.  I could create a new sid through oradim. could the new sid be used somehow.......  Regards,  Kunal

It is much simpler than renaming your Oracle Database.  What you need is to create a new entry at the tnsnames.ora file, currently you have an entry named XE, just copy/paste this whole entry and rename the XE= string with your desired alias name and keep the service name just exactly the way it is.  You will have two entries pointing to the same database, one will be named XE and the other will be named whatever you require.  ~   Madrid

Hi, In addition, you can try put the service names separated by comma:  XE,OTHER =   (DESCRIPTION =     (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1521))     (CONNECT_DATA =       (SERVER = DEDICATED)       (SERVICE_NAME = XE)     )   )  Cheers  Legatti

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