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General Questions

Error: ORA-16795: the standby database needs to be re-created

Hi guys           After i performed a failover to a standby database and tried to reinstate the old primary, the broker prompted me to recreate the old primary database.  So I entered 'remove database pri' n the broker command to remove it from the configuration and restored the old primary using RMAN but i could not add back the database in the broker ('add database pri').  Error: ORA-16831: operation disallowed on this standby database type  After that, i log in broker connect sys@(old primary database) and tried to add back the old primary database but the broker prompted me to recreate the database.  Error: ORA-16795: the standby database needs to be re-created  Can anyone advise what i should do next?  Edited by: user6981287 on Jan 6, 2010 6:29 AM  Edited by: user6981287 on Jan 6, 2010 6:31 AM  Edited by: user6981287 on Jan 6, 2010 6:35 AM

16795, 0000, "database resource guard detects that database re-creation is required" // *Cause:  In the act of failover or switchover, the database resource //          guard may have detected that re-creation of the database is //          necessary. This occurs when the database resource guard recognizes //          a situation in which the database in question cannot be a viable //          standby database for the new primary database. //  //          Until this error status is resolved for this database, information  //          about this database and the broker configuration to which it //          belongs is unavailable to a broker client that is connected to //          this database. Therefore, all commands directed by that client to //          this database cannot be completed.  //  // *Action: Re-create (or flash back) the standby database. Connect to the //          primary database in the broker configuration and reenable broker //          management of that database. At this point you may connect to that //          standby database and resume issuing client commands. //  //          Alternatively, many client commands that cannot be completed at //          the standby database when in this error state can be completed //          successfully when issued to the primary database. In this case, //          simply reconnect to the primary database and retry the command.

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