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General Questions

auditing problem

Hello,  My customer is using version database. In her stand by database the job is running every Wednesday around 23:55 PM.   The listener log doesn't appear  to  show the  external connections at that time to STDBY.  As per the audit log  file PRIVILEGE :[4] 'NONE' . If it is a SYS connection, it should show as SYSDBA. But in this case,it showing as NONE. Customer question is who is running the job?   Audit File Info ======================= Wed Sep  1 23:55:58 2010 LENGTH : '168' ACTION :[44] 'select count(*), NULL, NULL from dba_repcat' DATABASE USER:[1] '/' PRIVILEGE :[4] 'NONE' CLIENT USER:[0] '' CLIENT TERMINAL:[8] 'UNKNOWN' STATUS:[1] '0'   Wed Sep  1 23:55:58 2010 LENGTH : '208' ACTION :[84] 'select count(*), NULL, NULL from dba_users where password in ('GLOBAL', 'EXTERNAL')' DATABASE USER:[1] '/' PRIVILEGE :[4] 'NONE' CLIENT USER:[0] ''    SQL>sho parameter audit results in NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE  ----------- audit_file_dest                      string          /u01/app/oracle/admin/STDBY/adump audit_sys_operations            boolean     TRUE audit_syslog_level                string audit_trail                            string          DB  Thanks

Hi,     In unix system, any commands fired by "/ as sysdba" or as an administrative user are logged to special log files created by Oracle and stored in $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/audit directory.  Seems like, somebody connected to the database as "/ as sysdba" (on the server) and fired those select statements and hence, its logged in the file in audit directory.  []  HTH Anand

Hi, Thanx for the reply,                                   But what you  are talking about is mandatory auditing, means irrespective of value of the parameter "audit_sys_operations", sys actions will be audited in /rdbms/audit directory. In this case, audit_sys_operations parameter is set to true. but still the privilege is showing as NONE in the audit records, can you please tell me reason  for this?

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