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General Questions

ASH emergency flush

Hello all,  We recently created a 11g database on Red Hat Linux 5 and are currently bechmarking our ETLs. I'm noticing the following message in the alert log quite often.  "Active Session History (ASH) performed an emergency flush"  I looked it up on metalink and the recommendation is to increase "_ash_size".   Listed below is the size on our server. Its 134 MB.  select total_size,awr_flush_emergency_count from v$ash_info;  TOTAL_SIZE             AWR_FLUSH_EMERGENCY_COUNT -------------------------  134217728              20                          Have you encountered this issue? Has anyone bumped up the size of the hidden parameter "_ash_size" to resolve this issue. I normally try to avoid setting hidden parameters as much as possible.  Thanks for your time.

I would suggest getting touch with Oracle support, confirming that yours is the same case as reported in the MOS document and then ask support only to provide a recommendation of value to be set.

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